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EMC E20-570

Candidates taking the EMC E20-570 Content Addressed Storage (CAS) Specialist Exam for Technology Architects must have a thorough understanding of Centera and related products. They must be able to understand the type of information that would be required to specify a CAS solution using Centera in a customer environments. Candidates should be have a complete knowledge of ...

EMC E20-860

EMC is offering the E20-860 (Network Attached Storage (NAS) Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers) exam as the qualifying assessment for the EMC Implementation Engineer for Network Attached Storage Expert path. Candidates will have a total of 90-minutes in which to answer the exam's approximately 65 items. The emphasis on this exam will be placed on the knowledge ...

EMC E20-120

E20-120 is the examination number given to the EMC Content Management Foundations exam. Applicants are given one hundred minutes to complete the test, which is only available in the English language. The examination is a qualifying exam that will award an individual with an associated certification that has the same name as the actual examination. The primary focus of ...

EMC E20-455

Candidates are expected to complete 60 questions within 90 minutes when they take the EMC E20-455 Content Management Web Application Programming exam. Candidates opt to take the E20-455 exam because it is a qualifying exam for those Application Developers seeking the Content Management specialist track. Before taking the E20-455 exam, candidates are ...

EMC E20-322

The EMC Technology Architect Solutions Design examination has been given the exam number E20-322. This examination is a test that is used to qualify an individual in various technology architect specialty tracks. Individuals that take this exam can qualify for the EMC information and storage infrastructure, along with symmetrix solutions, network attached storage, etc. ...

EMC E20-515

The EMC E20-515 Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Exam for Technology Architects is 90 minutes in length and contains between 60 and 65 questions. Professionals typically take the exam because it is a qualifying test for the EMC Technology Architect Symmetrix Solutions specialist track. If a professional would like to prepare for the exam prior to taking it, EMC provides free ...

EMC E20-814

The E20-814 (Symmetrix Solutions Expert Exam for Storage Administrators) is the final step on your path to earning your certification for the Storage Administrator-Symmetrix Solutions Expert credential. This is a two-hour exam that will challenge you as it tests your knowledge and skill in designing and configuring highly available and automated solutions based on EMC Symmetrix ...

EMC E20-361

E20-361 is the examination number given to the EMC Network Attached Storage Exam for Implementation Engineers. The term Network Attached Storage is commonly shown as an acronym, which is NAS. The exam is a part of the specialist level of the exams offered by EMC. ...

EMC E20-661

The EMC E20-661 Celerra Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers consists of 65 questions delivered in a 90 minutes. This is a qualifying exam for EMC Celerra Platform track engineers, focusing on the installation and maintenance of EMC Celerra systems. The exam tests knowledge in hardware, basic configuration, adding storage to an array, providing storage IP and FC-connected ...

EMC E20-598

The EMC E20-598 Backup Recovery - Avamar Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators is a qualifier for Specialist track engineers. The exam consists of 60 questions in a 90 minute time limit, focusing on knowledge in EMC Avamar concepts and terminology. Successful individuals will be required to demonstrate knowledge in administering and monitoring an EMC Avamar backup ...

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